Top 7: Peruvian Dishes
Ceviche - Platillos de Perú

Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the most privileged in the world, the history of its ingenuity, its crossbreeding and its flavor. A country with a millenary tradition and a promising future that does not lose sight of its roots and where the art of good eating stands out among its inhabitants as one of the most distinctive signs of its identity. The function of its cuisine is due to the cultural exchange over time the current NovoAndina flaunts the autonomous inputs served on white tablecloth, thus rescuing the national flavor of which we feel fully identified.

As a tourist sometimes it is difficult to decide between so many options, each one more appetizing than the previous, so Andean Tavel shows you the 7 dishes that you can not fail to try while enjoying the Inca empire

7. Cause.

The main mass of the same consists of yellow potatoes mealy and boiled, which is seasoned with lemon juice and chili, then whisked with fine olive oil until a consistent and soft porridge is formed. Today the cause is also stuffed and there seems to be no limits on this: chicken, tuna, octopus, fish or shellfish.

6. Lomo skipped.

Skipped loin

This typical Peruvian dish is born from the mixture of Peruvian and Chinese food. It is used the technique of sauté and carries soy sauce and has among its ingredients to yellow chili. It is also made with paprika, tomato, onion, among others. And is accompanied with french fries. The secret of the texture and the juiciness of both the meat and of the vegetables is in the cooking at very high heat for very little time of each one of the ingredients.

5. Stuffed Rocoto.

From Arequipa arrives the stuffed rocoto. It is prepared using as a base a rocoto, a fruit similar to chili, and a stuffed meat is placed and added other ingredients. It has a flavor between hot and sweet

4. Anticuchos.

Get out of your comfort zone and give yourself a chance to enjoy some delicious beef skewers. The anticuchos are small beef cuts skewered and grilled, the meat is usually marinated in vinegar and spices like red chili pepper, garlic and cumin.

3. Chicken chili.

The Aji de Gallina is one of the most recognizable and emblematic dishes of modern Peruvian cuisine and you must try when you go to Peru. It is a soft, creamy, sweet, pungent and well-balanced dish of flavors that is also easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

2. Suck.

The typical dish of the city of Arequipa. The sucking is a classic preparation, very forceful and delicious that is worth always try, there are many types and possibilities of preparing it with many different seafood. For the variety of ingredients that Peru has its preparation is usually divided into many presentations.

1. Ceviche.

Ceviche is Peru’s flagship dish, an indispensable entrance to the heart of Peruvian food. Ceviche is an explosion of flavors, a balanced mixture of freshness, acidity and a touch of hot pepper always accompanied by sweet potato and corn. Whether it is fish, shells, shellfish or mixed is a compulsory stop in your gastronomic tour of Peru.


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